Merissa Williams

This is a photo of a MALS program alumnus. This is a photo of a MALS program alumnus.

My name is Merissa Williams and I am a part of the Summer 2020 graduating class at the University of Miami. I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. I have been an employee at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine for four years and I currently serve as the Outreach Specialist for the University of Miami Hemophilia Treatment Center. My hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, traveling, impromptu trips to Disney World, and spending lots of time with my fiancé and my family.

Q&A With Merissa

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  • Q: What made you decide to pursue a graduate education?

    A: I decided to pursue a graduate education because I felt that it would benefit me both professionally and personally. Additional skills were necessary to contribute more to my profession and department. I was looking to continue to broaden my mind, develop my career and cultivate my capabilities by obtaining a graduate degree.

  • Q: Why did you choose to enroll in a liberal studies graduate program?

    A: I chose to enroll liberal studies graduate program because the world needs more free thinkers to provide a voice of reason, a fresh set of eyes, and an unconventional yet meaningful way of viewing and discussing real-world topics. I feel that my motivation to succeed, creativity, persistence, discipline and strong-work ethic would allow me to contribute and thrive in this program. I was confident that a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Miami would support my professional development in my current position and in preparation for my future life goals.

  • Q: What was your favorite thing about the MALS program?

    A: My favorite thing about the MALS program is that it allowed me to tailor my experience—I was able to create a schedule of classes that appealed to me as well as expanded my horizons both academically and individualistically.

  • Q: What skills did you acquire from the MALS program, and how have these skills played a role in your career?

    A: The skills that I acquired from the MALS program are analytical reasoning, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork and better written, oral and intercultural communication skills. Each of these skills has played a role in my career because I apply them daily in my work duties throughout the work weeks. In addition, the multi-faceted world view of which I have gained on my journey through this program, has contributed to my ability to see beyond just one perspective and truly cultivate my own understanding—which has helped me to provide better care and outreach to the patient population that I serve.

  • Q: Why would you recommend the MALS program to a student interested in attending graduate school?

    A: I would recommend the MALS program to a student interested in attending graduate school because this program provides a unique and distinctive experience unlike any other program. The interactions between the professors and your fellow classmates within this degree program will expose you to an unconventional genius which is both enlightening and fulfilling. The knowledge you will gain is refreshing and invaluable, and you will come out of this program a well-rounded, intellectual and cultured individual.