A stock photo of an open book next to two stacks of books. A stock photo of an open book next to two stacks of books.

Certificate in Liberal Studies

Why consider a certificate in liberal studies as part of your career preparation?  Because according to a report from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, today’s job market is rewarding applicants with demonstrated soft skills – communication, creative thinking, reasoning, teamwork, and problem-solving – which are integral to a liberal arts program.  In fact, we like to think of them as essential skills, and the Certificate in Liberal Studies offers a flexible 15 credit framework in which to think critically, research thoroughly, and write effectively.

The Society for Human Resource Management reported a “Global Skills Shortage” with 83% of respondents reported as having trouble recruiting people with “innovation,” “creativity,” and the “ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity.”  Regardless of your undergraduate major, pursuing a Certificate in Liberal Studies will allow you to develop critical thinking and analysis across the humanities and social sciences.  Design your own five-course plan of study in a rich community of learners and distinguish yourself with the preparation needed to tackle complex, multi-faceted problems in any setting.

For more information, please contact the Office of Interdisciplinary and Professional Studies at ipsoffice@miami.edu