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Core Course Descriptions

With the assistance of an academic advisor, students can design their own individualized course of study. The core curriculum of 9 credits provides students with a broad understanding of cultural backgrounds and lays the groundwork for the additional 21 credits of elective interdisciplinary study that completes the degree.

Aspects of Creative and Reflective Thought - MLS 601

The course will examine a number of ways in which humans construct ideas of nature (often as the non-human world), our relations to such, and our place within it. We will study a variety of sources-literary, visual, philosophical, and scientific; ancient and modern-as we pursue these interrelated questions across a long historical spectrum. 

Perspectives on Human Nature - MLS 602

Basic theories of human nature proposed by the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences. The course deals with insights, provided by different perspectives into human nature and related issues, such as the nature of the self and its relation to society, the impact of culture on self-perception, and the relation of thought to human action. Special attention will be given to the historical development of theories of human nature and their implications for social and political policy.  

Theories of the Physical Universe - MLS 603

This course will examine a variety of theories and models of the physical universe including perspectives from various physical sciences and disciplines such as philosophy, religion, and history.